Data Protection Policy


1. General provisions


Applicable to ("Platform"). To contact us use contacts listed at the bottom of the page.


We undertake not to sell or rent your personal data. All data will be collected, stored and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union no. 2016/679, and will not be transferred to any third parties unless we are required by law to do so or if it is necessary for the provision of our services or if you have expressly consented to the transfer of your data.


Platform services can work for us in the collection, storage, transmission, and deleting (or) otherwise use ( "manage" or "processing") you are involved with specific data. Personal data means any information relating to an individual, an identified or identifiable ( "Data"), such as your name, date of birth, address or personal email address.


Here we describe what your data is collected and for what purpose they are maintained when using the platform and its services. Also provide important information about the protection of your data, including those on the rights guaranteed to you by law. Some services on our Platform may be provided by third parties. These services are also subject to third-party data protection policies. Prior to your use of such services, third parties may request permission from you in accordance with data protection laws.


This document supplements the "Terms of Use", which form the basis of your agreement with regarding the use of the Platform ("Agreement between User and"). In the event of discrepancies between the Terms and the Data Protection Policy, the latter shall prevail.


2. What data do we process?


2.1 Connection to the Platform


When you log on to the Platform, even if you are not logged in as a user, we manage the following data (log files):


  • The IP address of your device

  • Information about the browser used by your device

  • the content and the universal URLs (URLs) you are connecting to;

  • the date and time of the connections.


We will not use the personal data referred to in this section, especially your IP address, without your express permission, unless such use is necessary to (i) provide our services and / or (ii) for security purposes, in particular cyber-attacks such as data collection or and the prevention of unauthorized programs.


2.2 User Registration


To use the Platform and its services, in particular to conduct commercial transactions through the Platform, to use the electronic messaging system or to leave feedback and interact with other users, you need a user account. You must register as a user for this purpose.


During registration, you will be asked to enter the following information:


  • Name (required)

  • Email Address (Required Information)

  • Your work phone number

  • The workplace you represent on the platform and its public data

  • Password

  • Confirmation of your acceptance of the "Terms of Use" as well as this Data Protection Policy, which is part of these Terms.


Your full name and business email address will be visible to other users of the Platform when this information is required for the provision of the platform services.


Once registered, you can upload other optional information to your account.


2.3 Using the Platform for Transactions (Design Contests)


We will store and maintain transaction data (such as company information, price, transaction time, etc.) on your platform (or the company you represent).


The details of a specific transaction are only visible to you and the Platform user with whom you have entered into the transaction.


2.4 Communication, comments, ratings and reviews


When you use the Platform, we will collect the following Data:


  • Comments you make on the Platform;

  • Messages in your correspondence (via chat function);

  • Ratings and Reviews that you leave on other users' design contests;

  • Your communication with the staff of

For technical reasons, this content you create will remain on the Platform until the termination of your Agreement to use the Platform. Nevertheless, your name will not be visible (replaced by "Inactive").


3. Purposes for which we Manage Your Data


We process Your Data for the following purposes:


3.1 Provision of Platform Services


Your Data will be processed in accordance with the Agreement between you and, regarding your use to provide the services you use on the Platform and:


  • by enabling you to bargain with a designer for a design contest

  • providing an overview of your design contests (design contests)

  • recommending you (the services provided by you / the company you represent) to other users

  • For your identification purposes

  • enabling interaction with other users

  • by sending you the messages necessary to provide our services

  • so that we can provide our services without any technical errors and to identify and correct identified errors.


3.2 Statutory Rights, Improvement of our Platform, Detection and Prevention of Invalid Activity, System Security


We will also process your Data to protect the legitimate interest of and / or any third parties as follows:


  • Implementing and defending dispute resolution, enforcing our Terms, and enforcing our rights

  • Analysis of Platform Usage for Service Improvement, Customer Support

  • Prevention, detection and enforcement of illegal activities, in particular fraud

  • Preventing the security of the Platform, our stored Data and cyber attacks, and other threats to the integrity of the Platform.


3.3 Creating anonymous user profiles


The Platform will use your activity data, your log files, and your use of cookies (see Section 8 below) to create an anonymous user profile (the "User Profile"). Unless you give us permission to do so:

  • consent is required at the time of registration, without which registration and use of the Platform services are not possible;

  • contacting us on your own initiative and leaving your contact details.


Under no circumstances will the Platform use this User Profile in any way that would allow it to be linked to a specific individual. This means that the Platform cannot identify the Member and ensures that anonymous user profiles will not be linked to other users' Personal Data for any technical, personal or administrative purpose without their consent.


  • User profiles will be created and used by the Platform for the following legitimate purposes:

  • We will use user profiles to analyze and understand visitor behavior. This information will help us improve our services and / or offer new ones

  • Visitors will receive personalized marketing messages based on the User Profile created. This means that consumers will receive marketing messages based on their interests and User profile. Marketing messages are sent based on the advertisers affiliated with the Platform and with the consent of the user (the email address provided at registration or the message box on the Platform account).


3.4 Newsletters and Other Marketing Letters


To receive our newsletter and other marketing emails, you may register by providing your email and / or other data of your own initiative. When you sign up, we ask for your permission to manage your email address so we can send you Marketing information. You will only receive marketing emails if you have given us permission to do so.


Your permission also includes consent to personalize the content of the Marketing Letters according to your needs and interests, in accordance with the User Profile that may be created for you (see Section 3.3). If you have also permitted us to use cookies and to monitor your user behavior on our Platform (see section 8.2 below), this permission also includes Data on your use of our Platform. You may revoke your permission to continue receiving Marketing emails at any time. By submitting a request in any way or by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link in any Marketing Letter. Revocation of an authorization shall not affect the legality of the Management prior to the revocation.


3.5 Confirming Email for Security Purposes


After registering on the platform, you will receive an email at the email address you provide and an online link to confirm that you personally manage the email in question.


4. Protecting Your Data Online


Access to your account is protected by a password you set or automatically generated. Don't share your password with anyone. When you are finished using the Platform, sign out by pressing the “Sign Out”.


We will take all technical and administrative security measures necessary to protect your Data from unauthorized loss and access and against unauthorized alteration, disclosure or deletion. Access to your Data is restricted to those persons who need it for the purposes described in this Data Protection Policy. Such persons are bound by applicable data protection laws.


5. Processing of data to third parties


The Platform may employ external service providers to provide specific services. These service providers undertake data processing procedures on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions. The Platform selects third parties carefully and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. We assure that the processing of data is carried out in accordance with the agreements concluded with third parties and the legal acts.


Procedures on our behalf include:


  • provision of technical infrastructure for the Platform and provision of server space

  • usage analysis

  • account verification

  • customer service and request processing

  • Platform maintenance and security (eg fraud and harassment prevention).


Under certain circumstances, our external Service Providers may have access to your Personal Data, but only for the purposes specified for processing the data. By virtue of the agreement, such third parties are under an obligation to ensure that their data protection is at least equivalent to that guaranteed by We and applicable law. All Data processed on our behalf remains under our control. We are constantly monitoring compliance with our instructions, data protection levels and contractual obligations with the controller.


Some of these service providers may be located in countries outside the EU / EEA for which the level of data protection may be considered insufficient by EU / EEA standards. Nevertheless, we have appropriate agreements (or other applicable warranties) with such service providers that ensures that all necessary measures are taken to protect your data in accordance with applicable requirements.


6. Capturing public content on external search engines


The information in your profile in the "Business settings" section and the content you post, comment content may be freely available online (if you have chosen to post content publicly) and are therefore included in the results of external search engines. For this reason, we advise you not to post sensitive or private information in public comments.


7. Disclosure of Your Data to Third Parties


The Platform is legally required to provide Personal Data and / or Data on the use of the Platform to governmental or supervisory authorities to the extent necessary to prevent risks to the public and prosecute crime.


In all other cases, your Data will be transferred to third parties if you have authorized or granted third parties access to your Data (excluding third parties, see Section 5 above).


8. Use of Cookies


8.1 Required Cookies


Cookies are small text files that our Platform wishes to place on your computer or other Internet-connected devices. If your browser settings accept cookies, your browser appends the text as a small file.


Except as otherwise provided in this data protection policy, the cookies we use are necessary for the functionality and operation of our Platform. This includes cookies that allow you to sign up for a secure part of our Platform. Most cookies are deleted from your device at the end of your browser session (session cookies). We use the information stored in necessary cookies only to provide the services and features we require.


8.2 Consent for Cookies


When visiting our Platform, we display a cookie message and, with your permission, we ask for your consent to place additional cookies on your device. These cookies are not necessary for the functioning and operation of our Platform, but they help us to:

  • identify how many visitors visit our Platform and how they behave. This helps to improve the functionality of the Platform, e.g. ensuring that users can find what they are looking for (analytical / performance cookies)

  • identify when you re-visit our Platform and personalize your content for you

  • record your visits to the Platform, which pages you visit and which links you click on. We use this information to better tailor the Platform and the advertising we display to your needs. If you have given us permission to send Marketing Letters, we will also use this information to provide you with personalized Marketing Information (targeted cookies).


The cookie message tells you why we use cookies. By continuing to use our Platform after we display a cookie message, you agree to our use of cookies for the purposes set out above (the "Cookie Consent").


8.3 Managing Your Cookie Settings


You can configure your browser to refuse all or part of the cookies or to ask for your permission before accepting them. If you refuse cookies, some of our services may be restricted.


For information on how to change your browser settings, visit or


If you access the Platform from multiple devices, you must ensure that each device's browser is set to your cookie preferences.


8.4 Use of Third Party Cookies


Using Google Analytics


This site uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc (Google). Google Analytics uses "cookies", text files that are stored on your computer and that allow you to analyze how you use the Site. The information generated by cookies relating to your use of this Site is usually transmitted and stored on Google's server in the US. We have activated IP anonymity on our Platform, so Google will shorten your IP address in advance in EU Member States and other countries signatory to the European Economic Area Agreement. The full IP address will only be transmitted and stored on Google's server in the US in exceptional circumstances. Google uses this information on behalf of the Platform to evaluate your use of the Site, to report on site activity, and to provide the Platform with additional services related to the Site and use of the Internet. As part of your Google Analytics activity, the IP address passed by your browser will not be associated with any other data held by Google. You can prevent cookies from being stored on your computer by changing your browser settings. If you do, some features of the Site may be restricted to you. You may also prevent Google from capturing data created by a cookie based on your use of the Site (including your IP address) and Manage such data by downloading and installing a browser plug-in from here.


If you visit our Site using a browser that cannot install the browser plug-in, you can disable Google Analytics data capture by clicking here. This will release the opt-out cookie, which will not allow any further capture of your data when you visit this Site. Please note that if you delete all cookies in your browser, the opt-out cookie will also be deleted.


Click here to view Google's data protection rules.


Using Google Adsense


This Site uses Google Adsense, an online advertising service provided by Google. Google Adsense uses "cookies" (text files) stored on your computer to analyze how you use the Site. Google Adsense uses web beacons (small invisible graphics) to collect information. Network data collectors allow you to capture and collect simple actions such as visitor traffic to the Site. The information generated by the cookie and / or network data collector in connection with your use of this Site (including your IP address) is transmitted and stored by Google on a US server. Google uses this information to evaluate your use of the Site in relation to the advertisements displayed on the Site, to provide the Site Manager with reports on the Site's activity and promotions, and to provide other services related to the Site and the use of the Internet. To the extent required by law or where third parties process this data on behalf of Google, Google may also make this information available to third parties. Google never associates your IP address with other data stored by Google.


If you do not wish to receive tailor-made advertising and / or wish to have your Data captured and used, you may disable Google's use of cookies for such purposes in Google's Ads Settings at by modifying your settings as necessary. Please note that if you delete all cookies from your device, Google may place new cookies on it for these purposes and you may need to update your deactivation settings. You can also deactivate third-party cookies by visiting the Network Advertising deactivation page at


Using Google Remarketing


We use Google's remarketing technology. This technology allows users who have already visited our Site and used our online services and expressed interest in our offer to re-receive advertisements on Google Partner Network sites. Ads are enabled by cookies used - small text files stored on a user's computer. Text files allow you to analyze user behavior when they visit the Site. It is then used to provide targeted product recommendations and tailored advertising. We record data collected by Google through tailor-made advertising and visitor data (such as age, gender, and interests) from third-party vendors.


If you do not wish to receive tailor-made advertising and / or wish to have your Data captured and used, you may disable Google's use of cookies for such purposes in Google's Ads Settings at by modifying your settings as necessary. Please note that if you delete all cookies from your device, Google may place new cookies on it for these purposes and you may need to update your deactivation settings. You can also deactivate third-party cookies by visiting the Network Advertising deactivation page at


Use of Third Party Cookies


When you use the online services of the Platform, cookies from other providers or network data collectors may be used to collect data about you by you. This can be done to measure the group, activate contextual advertising, or target campaigns. Once you have given us permission to use cookies, we will also evaluate pseudonymous user profiles. It will not be possible to identify you. We have no control over these third-party tracking technologies and their use.


You may terminate the storage and monitoring of such third party cookies by changing your browser settings.


9. The right to change policies


We reserve the right to change this data protection policy at any time, subject to applicable law. All changes will be posted immediately on this page.


10. Duration of storage of your data


Unless stated otherwise in this data protection policy or law, we will protect:


  • Personal data specified in item - 90 days after capture

  • transaction data stored for 36 months after transaction

  • all other personal data specified in this data protection policy - three months from the date of deletion of your user account or three months after your account has been inactive for three years.


11. You are legally protected by the rights associated with your data


At any time, in accordance with the legal provisions on data protection, you have the right to:


  • to be informed of the Data we process and to request a copy of that data (right to be informed). All the Data you actively submit on the Platform is accessible to your account.

  • to require correction of inaccurate Data and, in accordance with the nature of the Processing, to supplement any missing Data (right of rectification). Any Data you actively submit to the Platform may also be modified at any time by yourself in your account (except for messages sent and any comments, chat or ratings and reviews)

  • require the deletion of your Data (Right to Deletion)

  • require us to restrict the processing of your Data if it meets the criteria defined by law (the right to restrict processing)

  • if the relevant statutory criteria are met, you are entitled to receive the Data you submit in a readable structured format that can be transferred to another Data Controller or, where technically possible, allowed to be transmitted by CargoWin (right to data portability);

  • be exposed to sub-automated Order-based decision-making unless the statutory conditions for such decision-making are met. Currently, the Platform does not apply automated decision making.


You also have the right, in exceptional circumstances, to waive the lawful processing of your Data. When your Data is processed for direct marketing purposes, you may object to such Processing (right of objection).


You also have the right at any time to revoke any consent you have given to us when you register or use our services. Such waiver will not affect the lawfulness of the Data Processing prior to the waiver and based on the consent given. As far as the use of cookies is concerned, you can use the check-out and deactivation mechanisms created for different services. This will place a permanent deactivation cookie on your browser telling us that such Data from your browser should not be captured. Please note that removing all cookies from your browser will also delete the deactivation cookie. You will need to complete the above process again if you use our Platform on another device or in another browser.


To exercise any of the rights set out in this section, you may contact the Platform using the contacts below. Notwithstanding any other remedy, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authorities at any time.


12. Text of your consent


To ensure complete transparency with regard to our Data Processing Procedures, you may request us to email you a list of the consents you have provided. Please send your requests to the email address on this page. By using our Platform, you may have consented to receive Marketing emails and / or cookies.