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Logotype name
Baltasis Žirgas
Short description
This will be the logo of the restaurant being restored. It was a historical restaurant in Klaipeda.
Description of organization
In the summer of 2021, the historic building in the heart of Klaipeda will be reborn - Victoria Hotel Klaipeda. The hotel has 105 rooms, a restaurant, a SKY bar, a tavern with a stage for performers, 5 conference rooms, a spa and a gym. The hotel is named Victoria, dating back to the 19th century. II, and the oldest known name until then - "at the White Horse" (zum Weissen Ross). Historically, this building played an important role in the cultural life of Klaipeda - the origins of the Victoria Hotel date back to the 18th century, it had a tavern, a billiard room, a games room, a well-kept garden, and shuttle services. Along with the hotel, the White Horse restaurant, once very popular, will open its doors to new life.
Additional information
This place is included in the list of Lithuanian cultural heritage. The preserved authentic architecture gives this restaurant a special atmosphere, and the majestic chandeliers give this hall a luxury. In the environment of elegant, but timeless interior, we will offer our visitors modern interpretations of classic dishes. The white horse is more than a restaurant, it’s part of the city’s history.
Style of logotype
Nespvalvotas, arba iki trijų spalvų
Duration of contest
14 days
€ 100.00