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Logotype name
BIOFIRST klinika arba Biofirst klinika
Slogan embedded into logo
Ateities medicina šiandien (gali būti be šūkio)
Short description
The 11-year-old Kaunas-based health and beauty clinic BIOFIRST needs a new logo (with or without a slogan) with minimal brandbook positions (revised in "Additional Information" section)
Description of organization
The BIOFIRST Clinic is an advanced medicine and aesthetics clinic featuring state-of-the-art treatment and diagnostic technologies in one place. Established in 2009 as a Center for Alternative Medicine (hence its name in two parts, indicating that human health = Awareness, Ecological and Preventive, holistic self-awareness: bio + first), today it has grown and refined its line of action the old corporate style no longer reflects. Currently, BIOFIRST clinic is one of the most modern medical and beauty clinics in Lithuania. Areas of activity: • Diagnostics, research, treatment (ultrasound, endoscopic, laboratory, blood tests, advanced diagnostic programs); • Laser procedures (removal of pigment, capillaries, unwanted hair, etc.); • Beauty injections (injections of botulinum toxin, hyaluron, PRP by dermatologists, etc.); • Cosmetology (hardware facial and body treatments, spa massages, facial and body treatments with medical or natural cosmetics); • Alternative Medical Services (Global Diagnostics, Food Intolerance Test by Dr. Folio) • New! Outpatient surgical services (removal of various skin, eye and LOR structures, etc.) • Physical therapy, physiotherapy.
Additional information
In the old version of the logo, the graphic element and color indicated the direction of alternative medicine, and today you want a modern look at yourself. Although we are a team of professionals and have strict service standards and services, we remain cozy and accessible to many people in our communications. We want the logo to be very versatile as we grow fast and introduce new services. The mark should reflect quality, with some medical sterility, but at the same time, avoiding brightness. Blank color options are available, but the most beautiful for us is dark blue because we think we are bright enough on the market as well. The interior of the clinic is also dominated by a mix of blue and green. With a five-year perspective of expansion, minimalism would be a great way to keep the updated logo in the long run and in line with our philosophy and values: “We have the best in everything. Both in terms of human resources and facilities. No need to look for medical and beauty services abroad - BIOFIRST clinic equipment allows you to get a feel for the future of medical science. We have it all today. ” We usually write our name as "BIOFIRST Clinic". No longer relevant to the word "BIO" today, it can be seamless with the name. We won't change the full name because the company is in its 11th year of life, so we've grown it to the point where we can't run. The following positions of the logo and brandbook are expected from the participants: Logo (original, black and white); Basic colors; Business card; Primary and secondary fonts.
Style of logotype
Pagrindinė – mėlyna. Gali būti žalios spalvos, taip pat domina netikėti sprendimai, nesirišant prie spalvų.
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Duration of contest
14 days
€ 500.00