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Project name
Short description
Packaging design, stickers.
Description of organization
Kraft is a new brand in snus production. Snus is very popular in Scandinavia, Europe, Russia, America and England. Snus has been produced for about 20 years. One of the most popular brands is LYFT, you can look on google as it seems to form an overall picture, the packaging itself will be exactly the same as LYFT or GRANT snus.
Additional information
The stickers will be glued on the side around the whole package, I was not sure about the top sticker, if everything will fit on the top cover, maybe we will order caps already painted with the top design, or maybe we will stick the stickers. You can do it anyway. Later, you will definitely need a business card if the desire is possible to offer immediately. Google Images just type LYFT snus or just snus to understand exactly what I want.
Duration of contest
21 day
€ 100.00