For contest announcers

Click on the top menu item Post a contest, then fill out the design form as much as possible in the window that opens. The contest will be published on the website only after payment.
At the end of the contest period, if the contestant does not like any of the designs (valid for fewer than 15 different designs), they have the right to notify the site administrator. The contest will be extended for free for another 7 days.
Yes. The copyright of the winning design rests with the sponsor of the contest - the client. Other designs in the contest remain the copyright of their creators.
You will receive an invoice from the administrator of the website for the commission and administration of the contest.
The contest information can be changed until the contest is paid for, which is its status "Inactive". After the payment, minor changes to the information may be made, which will be published when commenting on the contest or by contacting the administrator.
Yes. The prize amount of the contest may be increased by contacting the administrator. There is no reduction in the prize amount.
The contestant can rate his designs with 5 stars. The larger number of stars indicates a better design rating and allows designers to understand what the customer likes. Also, as long as the contest is "Active", preliminary winners can be assigned by placing 1, 2, 3 places respectively.
The winner must be selected no later than 3 days after the end of the contest. If the winner does not select the winner within the time limit, the winner will be selected by the administrator, based on the client's ratings and comments.
At the end of the contest, the winning designer will send the package of design files, archived in .zip format, to the administrator and the administrator will forward the files to you after verification. If the contest design is used for printing (eg logo, business card, flyer) the designer will send you a vector file in EPS format, as well as JPG, PNG (transparent background) and PDF archived files. If the design is not used in print (eg website design), you will receive a .psd file.

For designers

All you have to do is register on the website to enter the design contest.
If you win the contest, the contest administrator will contact you within the next few days. Only after the administrator has received the final design file package (in .zip format) consisting of: vector .EPS, JPG, PNG (transparent background), PDF files, plus a fonts.txt file listing the names of the fonts used, the winning designer will transferring the winning cash prize ..
If the contest design is to be used for printing (eg logo, flyer, business card, etc.), the main design file must be vector EPS, plus JPG, PNG (transparent background), PDF design files and a fonts.txt file the names of the fonts used in the design.If the contest design is not used for print, e.g. website design is enough for one .psd file, and fonts.txt for the names of the fonts used in the design. All of these files must be archived in one ZIP archive.
According to the rules of the site, the winner of the contest by the designer will pay the administrator the amount of the prize indicated by the sponsor when the contest was announced.
The designer must submit an invoice to the administrator. If the designer is unable to submit an invoice, the winner will be charged a 20% Personal Income Tax, which will be paid to the State Tax Inspectorate.
The prize amount will be credited to the bank account of the designer specified by the designer within 5 business days of receipt and approval of the work files. There is also another way of payment if the administrator and the winning designer agree.
A non-VIP designer can only upload 6 different designs per month.