How it works?


Describe a design you would like to receive


Announce a contest for designers


Select the most liked design

  1. Fill out the design form
    The sponsor fills in the design form and announces the contest after payment. The price of the contest includes the winning of the contest, which is reserved until the winner is selected, and the administrative fee, which is calculated according to the type of the contest. The contest becomes active as soon as you receive payment and is posted on the website. It is recommended to answer the questionnaire as widely and accurately as possible to help designers understand the customer and achieve better results when submitting designs.
  2. Rate submitted designs
    Designers can send an unlimited number of design samples while the contest is active. At that time, the sponsor evaluates and comments on the designers' work. Constant job evaluation allows designers to achieve better results.
  3. Choose the design you like
    The winner must select the winner within 3 days after the end of the contest. Once the winner has been selected, the administrator will contact the winning designer and, within a maximum of 7 business days, via the administrator, assist in obtaining work design files from the winning designer. After winning the contest, the designer receives payment only when the work files of the design are sent to the administrator, - the team, and then transferred to the client. The customer acknowledges receipt of the uploaded work files, which fixes the end of the contest and assumes that both sides are settled.